Livestreaming & Hybrid Events

We stream your event - thanks to flightcase direction from any location or from our studio.


The all-in-one solution for your event

TVT MEDIA as your partner for live streaming at events, press events and hybrid events! We offer you an all-in-one solution.

Event planning and 
Location Management

We work closely with you to find the perfect location for your event and organize all logistical aspects. From choosing the right venue to setting up the stage - we take care of everything. Alternatively, we offer the perfect solution with our in-house studio.

Technique and equipment

TVT MEDIA has the relevant technical equipment to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Our team takes care of the audio and video quality as well as the lighting, sound and all technical requirements to integrate local and international speakers into your livestream.

Content creation and production

Our team is at your side from the concept development of the content, to the production of presentations and inserts - we are your partner for outstanding content.

Transmission technology and direction

With our flight case control room and a setup of people-guided or PTZ cameras, we guarantee a smooth broadcast of your event, whether in a location of your choice or in our studio. We take care of the live direction and the integration of your individual signal sources.

Online platforms and streaming

Through our partnership with VIMEO Enterprise, we offer a geo-redundant and thus fail-safe way to reach up to 5,000 people simultaneously. In order to meet the DSGVO requirements, we also offer our own solutions, individually tailored to your needs via iframe embedding or provided on a customer-specific landing page. Here we work with an HLS streaming platform and via redundant SRT connections.

Aftermovie & Postproduction

We offer the possibility to create an aftermovie or highlight interviews after the conclusion of your hybrid event to comprehensively document your event. Our post-production includes various steps such as video editing, dubbing in your desired language, color grading as well as sound design and animations. You can then publish your stream as VOD content on your internal platforms or prepare it for other communication channels.

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For whom is livestreaming or hybrid events worthwhile?

Depending on the type of event, specific setups may be appropriate. For this reason, conferences, cultural events, product presentations, sporting events, artistic performances, political events, or global company meetings such as town hall meetings, employee speeches, or dealer conferences are often organized as hybrid events. Here, on-site participants and online viewers interact with each other. We offer chat integration, polls, comment embedding as well as seamless integration of external sites in a corporate identity compliant picture-in-picture format.

If required, we provide professional broadcast technology for your speakers and thus offer them support both nationally and internationally to get in touch without time delay and thus reactively.

Our goal is to make sure the event runs smoothly and that you enjoy the event, whether it's on-site, online or a hybrid event.

Global reach

Livestreaming allows you to share your events, trainings or presentations with a global audience. This is especially beneficial when customers, partners, or employees are in different parts of the world.

Real-time communication

Livestreams provide the opportunity for real-time communication, whether for training employees, introducing new products or broadcasting company news. This enables quick response and interaction with the audience.

Cost savings

Holding physical events can be expensive, especially if attendees have to travel. Livestreaming significantly reduces these costs by allowing events to take place virtually.

Time saving

You and your attendees can save time by sharing information, training or presentations in real time via livestreams.


Livestreams offer flexibility when attending events. Attendees can participate from their own locations, allowing them to attend more events without having to be physically present.

Archiving and repetition

We record your livestream and archive it digitally for you so that you can reuse the content later or use it for training purposes.

Measurable results

Our platform (via VIMEO Enterprise, among others) offers them an evaluation of the event, so they can measure the effectiveness afterwards.

Crisis communication

In the event of an emergency or crisis, you can use livestreaming as a fast and fail-safe way to quickly share important information with your employees, customers or stakeholders.

Environmental friendliness

By reducing travel and physical events, industrial customers can reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to sustainability.