Media training

"Spot on" in the studio - In the media training with Birgit Lechtermann you will experience and learn how to present yourself and your message optimally, but always authentically. 

Media training with Birgit Lechtermann

Television appearances, interviews, lectures, but also online presentations in front of live audiences can be challenging and also intimidating. Statements are quickly made that one would like to take back later. How do I stay calm even in the face of provocative questions? What is the best way to deal with media representatives? Unleash your full potential in front of cameras and microphones without stage fright. Make your presentation exciting and inspire your audience. 

"If you want to learn to dive, you don't practice on land, you practice underwater".

That's why you enter a professional training situation with Birgit Lechtermann that doesn't take place in your comfort zone, in the office, seminar room or online, but under real conditions in a TV studio. In this way, you will be prepared in the best possible way for your appearance, your round of talks or an interview, and later, of course, you will also master all situations on hybrid and virtual stages, quasi as a side effect.

No matter what the situation, you can count on Birgit Lechtermann's expertise: She has been in front of the camera over 1000 times with her own shows for ZDF, ORF, SRF, RTL, VOX, Super RTL, TV-NRW and health TV. She was also a presenter at Radio Luxemburg for ten years. In her role as a lecturer for communication and media, she brings such a unique wealth of practical experience, which she passes on directly to you.

We offer our media training exclusively as individual training or as a group or company seminar and attach great importance to responding individually to you, your topics and your points of view that you or your employees want to communicate via the respective media.

As part of the media training, you will learn to show presence in front of the camera, to present topics in such a structured and creative way that they leave a lasting impression. Birgit Lechtermann explains and trains different media situations with you, giving you tips, tricks and tools with which you will shine in your future appearances. Interview situations are simulated and trained. This also includes the evaluation of the camera training again and again in order to continuously expand your media strengths and potentials.

You have an important message or company news? Birgit Lechtermann will train and stage your presentation, your appearance, your interview or your in-house address with you. Her motto is: "Fit for Presentation". In addition to theoretical basics, there are also exercises on facial expressions, gestures, articulation and rhetoric.

Are you a guest on a talk show, a trade fair or event talk? Instead of "dry training", you prepare for your appearance in the TV studio under real conditions.

Duration & contents of the media training

  • Individual analysis of body language and rhetoric
  • Correct use of facial expressions and gestures
  • Training of articulation, breathing techniques and rhetorical skills
  • Dissolving stage fright and speech blockades
  • Handling microphone and camera
  • Media-effective preparation of your topics and messages
  • Simulation of media and interview situations
Prior Knowledge Needed:
  • none
Maximum number of participants:
  • Four participants
Duration of the media training:

We will be happy to advise you on this topic - two days are recommended, 7 hours per day incl. break.

For whom is the media training suitable?

For all those who want to go public with topics and projects.

  • Presenter
  • TV Experts
  • Executives from business, public service, etc.
  • Moderator:inside
  • Artists:inside, Author:inside
  • Entrepreneurs, company founders
  • Press spokesman:inside
  • Seminar leader:inside


The cooperation with Birgit Lechtermann is individual, personal, binding and confidential.

She has already worked for many different well-known companies, made TV colleagues fit for their appearances, worked with many experts, doctors, authors, politicians, but also press officers and association spokespersons. You will see Birgit Lechtermann's clients on TV, hear them on the radio or experience them at lectures, events and in-house conferences.

Costs: We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.